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Heart Check Food Labelling Programme

The Heart Check Food Labelling programme is a front – of – pack labelling programme that certifies food items to be healthy for consumption and heart friendly. Foods with the certification mark represent products that are healthier choice compared to similar foods. While shopping, the logo supports you to make on the spot decision of healthier food option and encourages food manufacturers to improve the nutrition of their products. All products that carry the Nigerian Heart Foundation certification logo are independently tested to ensure they meet the Nigerian Heart Foundation nutrient criteria. The Heart Check Food labelling criteria is annually reviewed to challenge manufacturers and ensure ongoing improvements to foods consumed by the population.

This is what it takes to get the Heart Check Food logo

-Company applies for product endorsement

- Company product is analysed by 2 reputable laboratories selected by NHF

- Laboratory results are examined by a team of dieticians and scientists

- Packaging is assessed for nutritional accuracy according to NHF strict requirements

Heart check logo


Heart Check Food Labelling Sensitization Workshops

This is an advocacy programme the Nigerian Heart Foundation organises in collaboration with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration (NAFDAC). The programme targets food manufacturers and focuses on the need to produce healthy foods, reformulate where necessary to healthier nutrients and the need for manufacturers to apply for the Nigerian Heart Foundation Heart Check Food Labelling logo.

Products approved with the Nigerian Heart Foundation Heart Check Food Labelling Logo


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