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Membership, Categories & Dues

Membership of the Foundation shall be open to all Nigerians interested in fostering the a ms of the foundation. There shall be two categories of membership namely Ordinary membership and Special membership. Ordinary members will pay N2,500 as entrance fees and N2,000 as annual dues. Special membership will consists of five categories namely participating donor, supporting donor, sustainer, sponsor and benefactor. An applicant for membership shall complete an application form and submit it to the Secretariat. The membership Committee shall process the application and forward its recommendation to the Executive Board for approval. Members of the foundation shall pay the prescribed annual dues as may from time to time be determined by the members on a recommendation of the Executive Board.

Special Membership Categories

BENEFACTOR 500,000 20,000
SPONSOR 250,000 20,000
SUSTAINER 100,000 20,000
SUPPORTING DONOR 50,000 10,000

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